Fallout Shelter Game Hack – Steam Version

Fallout Shelter Game Hack will add a few features, but best of all, do away with the slowness of the game. No more waiting for the game to allow you to build, just quick and easy game play. 

Please note, this is for the Steam version of the game, and will not work on your Android or iOS device.

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Fallout Shelter Game Hack Features

  • Dweller finishes his training in about ~1 to 5 seconds.
  • No reduction of nuka quantums
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  • Objective Rewards multiplier -> Nuka/Caps * 15000
  • Nuka Quantum * 50
  • Lunchbox * 250
  • Petbox * 25?
  • Mr.Handy * 10?
  • OnEmergencyComplete XP Multiplier * 15000
  • When killing an enemy in a quest, the dweller gets a level up
  • Enemies in Quests are One-Hit Kills
  • Dweller Happiness always 100%

How to install the Fallout Shelter Game Hack

  1. Download Game Hack - See below
  2. Goto the directory where the game is installed: "Fallout Shelter\FalloutShelter_Data\Managed"
  3. Rename "Assembly-CSharp.dll" to "Assembly-CSharp_dll.bak"
  4. Drop "Assembly-CSharp_dll.hak" into the directory, from the zip file.
  5. Rename "Assembly-CSharp_dll.hak" to "Assembly-CSharp.dll"
  6. Start game and enjoy

Fallout Shelter Game Hack

Download Fallout Shelter Game Hack

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