Hidden Treasure in Concord – Fallout 4

You might have missed the Hidden Treasure in Concord. We find the treasure right after we take down the first Deathclaw. In fact you probably already visited Concord, if you're following the main questline - which most people do. Concord is a small city just outside of Sanctuary, the city that you started in, when you began Fallout 4.

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Hidden Treasure in Concord

So to find the Hidden Treasure in Concord, you might need to go back to concord - that is if you even want to bother with it at this point, but we'll provide you the information, as if you haven't already done the quests and storyline till this point.

When you arrive in Concord, there will be a bunch of raiders assaulting a group of survivors inside the Museum of Freedom. You will need to kill the bandits, then approach the museum. Preston Garvey of the Minutemen will give you a Laser Musket, and ask you to save them. Toward the end of the quest, is where you will find the Hidden Treasure in Concord - if you didn't already find it.

Hidden Treasure in Concord

Once you defeat the raiders, Preston Garvey and Sturges will ask you to acquire a Fusion Core, power up the T-45 Armor on the roof and assault the incoming bandits. But this is IMPORTANT! Before you head outside, grab the two collectibles in the settlers' room. There is an extremely rare Perception Bobblehead and a magazine with the Atomic Command video game.

So our next step, is to go up to the roof and get in and power up the suit. When you do that, jump down to the ground and defect the raisers. There should be around 6 of them, plus their leader Gristle. After that, you're also going to need to fight another Deathclaw. This one will be a bit easier with the powersuit. Once you've completed the quest, you could just go on to the next step - but this is where the Hidden Treasure in Concord can be found, so don't leave just yet. But first, you will need to remember to loot Gristle. Gristle holds the Corvega Storage Key - grab it.

Now, look to where Deathclaw burst from the ground. If you go look, you will be able to find a sewer system, which you can explore. Go ahead into the hole and explore. This is the Hidden Treasure in Concord we've been building up to. Look around down in the sewers and then navigate to the blue door marked "Concord Civic Access."

Careful, you will need to fight a few mole rats and a mirelurk, which is an armored creature. At low levels, you might have a bit of difficulty fending one of these creatures off. If you are coming back to Concord to get the collectible items you should be alright.

Here's the goodies you should keep your eyes out for...

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Vault-Tec Lunchbox - Once you're inside the tunnel systems, go ahead and go through the entranceway and head to the back, where there are chains on a door. Take them off the door. Go down this new tunnel till you can turn left. Underneath the First-Aid kit, you will find the collectible Vault-Tec Lunchbox.

Vault-Tec Lunchbox

Taboo Tattoos - Near the end of the sewers you'll find a small walkway. Walk down it, turn right, and then down some stairs. Turn left to get to a room with a steamer trunk on the right with a collectible magazine called "Taboo Tattoos" on the floor. Grab it, you will be able to add a face tattoo later in the game. In the steamer trunk, will hold more goodies. Grab those as well.


More Goodies - There are a few more goodies to be found in the sewer tunnels. There should be a couple toolboxes and a wooden crate, as well as various chems and ammo.


We hope you have enjoyed and found useful our Hidden Treasure in Concord walkthrough. Any input is always appreciated.

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