Secret Developer Room – Fallout 4

Secret Developer RoomHave you heard about the Secret Developer Room in Fallout 4? It's the ultimate room which has anything you could ask for in Fallout 4... well ask for once, anyways. The Secret Developer Room contains one of each weapon, all of the holo tapes, each suit of armor, a couple workbenches, a cooking station, a couple chemistry stations and any other 1 think you could want in the game.

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Secret Developer Room

To open the Secret Developer Room, the first think you need to open is the console. On a USA version of the keyboard, we open it with the Tilde (~), and there are likely other methods for other versions of the game or keyboards.

Once you open the console, then you are going to type in the following command, and then press enter: coc qasmoke. You will instantly be ported to the Secret Developer Room. Watch the following video to get a glimpse into this room.

To exit out of the Fallout 4 Secret Developer Room, once again, open the console and then type "COE 1 1"

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Secret Developer Room video courtesy of KnowledgeFX

Did you know, that before games added cheat codes such as the one for the Secret Developer Room, you had to use a HEX Editor to actually change files in ways that you wanted. This allowed you to change the stats on characters or to change names, but not much else. Later some games added secret rooms, but you had to actually search for them by finding hidden levers or buttons. A few times, they even would add those, and then have walls which you could pass through. Since you were looking for buttons and levers, the games which added this kept some of their secrets well hidden. The first few games which added codes, would also then flag you as a cheater, if you used those codes, which made getting through games much harder to avoid the temptation and be labled as a cheater.

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