Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor Location – FO4 Automatron DLC

If you have the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC for FO4, then you're probably going to want to know where to find your new Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor. You're in luck! Not only have they been discovered, but we've got the Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor walkthrough on how you can gain yours... but it won't be too easy.

Tesla Rifle - Fallout 4 Automatron

Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor Locations

Like I said, to get these babies, you need to Automatron DLC for Fallout 4. If you don't have it yet, it's cheap enough ($9.99), but we recommend the season pass, as there are 2 more DLCs coming this year you won't want to miss.

Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor LocationThe Tesla Rifle is an electrically charged weapon that fires powerful blasts of electricity. Each electrically charged blast can chain between multiple foes, making this the ideal weapon for taking down groups of robots with its electric Area of Effect (AoE) attack. Along with the Tesla Rifle, you’ll find a Tesla Power Armor suit that works in conjunction with this weapon. Obtaining these items can be tricky, but this Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor walkthrough is going to be your bible to finding them.

To begin playing FO4 Automatron, your character must first reach level 15. Before loading up the game, check to make sure you have the DLC installed. At the Fallout 4 startup screen, check the add-ons section and ensure it has Automatron listed.

Rust Devil - Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor LocationUpon loading the game, you will receive a new quest titled Mechanical Menace. Listen to the Caravan Distress Frequency within your Pip-boy radio, then head to the caravan location marked on your map, northeast of CIT. The closest fast travel location is the Wattz Consumer Electronics building. If you have not found this building in your previous exploration, you can also fast travel to Tucker Memorial Bridge and head southwest.

Continue to play through the first two DLC quests, Mechanical Menace and A New Threat. Upon completing A New Threat, return and speak to Ada to receive the Headhunting quest. The Tesla Rifle and Power Armor are found within this quest.

Begin the Headhunting quest by heading to the designated location and defeating the Robobrain. Inspect the Robobrain remains to retrieve the second radar beacon, then return to Ada once more. Your next destination is the Fort Hagan Satellite Array, located along the west edge of the Commonwealth.

Travel to Fort Hagan Satellite Array, and prepare to battle several defensive robots stationed outside the base. Defeat the hostile bots, and continue toward the upper walkway. Access the Rust Devil Entry Terminal beneath the satellite to unlock the hangar door, then head down into the hangar.

Be ready to face a new faction of well-armed robots as you enter the facility. There are Rust Devils, Protectrons, and various other modified robots throughout the building. Move carefully through the area and eliminate all of the hostile bots you encounter along the way.

Armed Bridge - Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor LocationFollow the objective marker towards Jezebel. However, don’t speak to Jezebel just yet. Instead, explore the area near the main room where Jezebel is located. Look for a doorway beneath a metal walkway. Pass through two sets of white doors, and eliminate the hostile bots in the next rooms.

Continue until you reach a small bridge lined with tripwires and Assaultron Totems. Disarm the traps, and proceed across the bridge. Enter the candle lit room, and prepare to fight an Assaultron Devil, and a unique enemy named Ivey.

Ivey is armed with the Tesla Rifle and is wearing the Tesla Power Armor that you seek. Try to keep some distance between yourself and Ivey to avoid her electrically charged attacks. If you are a high enough level for the DLC, you should be able to take down Ivey rather easily. Defeat Ivey, then loot the remains to receive the Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor set.

The Tesla Power Armor has an attribute that increases energy damage, so it is likely meant to be worn in conjunction with the Tesla Rifle. Although wearing the Tesla Power Armor will enhance the damage output of the Tesla Rifle, this weapon is still highly effective on its own.

Tesla Power Armor - Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor LocationAfter defeating Ivey, open the Security Gate door in the same room where you found Ivey. Pick the Expert lock on the second Security Gate in the far left corner to grab a Fat Man and a couple Mini Nukes from the supply locker. Then, open the Security Gate on the right to find a steamer trunk. Loot the trunk to receive a Salvaged Assaultron Head legendary and Mr. Handy Buzz Blade weapon.

Keep in mind that you can take the Tesla Rifle to a weapons workbench to add modifications and improve its statistics. If you want to know more about weapon crafting and modifications, keep checking back for more guides, or check out one of these Fallout 4 guide, Vault Dweller Prima Guide or Fallout 4 PDF Guide (free for our VIP members).

Tesla Rifle and Tesla Power Armor Location guide written by Larryn Bell

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