Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide

Far Cry 5 Fishing GuideFishing isn't straight forward, so you're going to need this Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide. In many games, I have found that I enjoy the fishing pastime. Some games are pretty straight forward, pitch the line, wait for a bobber to either make a sound or bob, and then reel the fish in. In other games though, it isn't as always simple. You might need to have a better line strength, more skills, apply a lure, or even craft lures. And then there are the different types of styles to fishing which are somewhat more realistic, meaning you play the line, feeding the fish slack, or move the pole back and forth to wear it out. No matter which way it's done, we're here for you in our own way, as we provide you with this Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide so you can become a master angler in this game.

Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide

Fun Fact: Did you know to make any show on TV for an hour long show, they need about 40-60 hours of recording? This is why during fishing shows, there are lots of filler with talks of lures and commercials.

The good news, is that to go fishing in Far Cry 5, you do not need to be a professional fisherman. However, you are going to need to follow this Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide to learn where to get your pole, which lures to use, and where to get various fish. Unlike the previous Far Cry games, fish aren't used as components for upgraded inventory slots. Instead, you can sell them to earn money at any shop, whether with the hunters roaming the woods, at an auto garage, the weapon benches at liberated outposts, and so on.

Some quests also require that you know how to fish, like reeling in some salmon to convince the escaped bear Cheeseburger to join you as a specialty fang for hire companion.

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Finding your first Fishing Pole

A pole is available to be purchased from the first shop you come across, but you don't need to buy one, as you will fins them fairly quickly, for free. Many of the docks on the river have fishing poles lying there waiting to be picked up, and at least one house has a hidden, upgraded pole to grab. When you finish the Dutch's Region tutorial quest, head over to the west side of the island and swim southwest to a dock with a boat shop and a green airplane (marked in the map below). A pole will be sitting at the end of the dock.

If a pole doesn't spawn there for some reason (or you started traveling in a different direction already), travel east from Dutch's Region into Faith's Region, and head into the Vasquez Residence to find a fishing pole hanging on the wall instead.

Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide

Now that you've got a pole, you still need to equip it. Pull up the weapon wheel, then hit the button to switch to the secondary wheel with your consumable and utility items (RB on Xbox One, R1 on PS4). The fishing rod is at the top of the wheel and is pulled out like any other weapon.

How to Cast

With the rod equipped, head to a body of water and hold RT (Xbox One) or R2 (PS4) to start casting. Keep it held down longer to throw farther, then finally release to let the line go. I recommend waiting for three full back-and-forth swings before releasing to cast out far enough.

Catching your first fish

With the line in the water, tap LT (Xbox One) or L2 (PS4) to reel in and get the attention of the local fish population. When you have a bite, tap RT/R2 to hook. From there, hold LT/L2 to reel in, and use LS to move the pole the opposite direction that the fish is moving to tire it out.

When the line changes to yellow and red, stop pressing any buttons to prevent a snapped line. When the line goes back to green, start reeling and moving again until the fish is caught.

Far Cry 5 fishing guide- line color

Catching Rare Fish

This process doesn't work for larger or rarer fish, however, as you need an upgraded skill and different lures. To catch the heavy category fish, you need to activate the Fisher King perk for 4 perk points on the Survivalist tree.

After upgrading to the Fisher King perk, switch to the secondary wheel and access the fishing pole as normal, but don't switch out of the menu yet. Instead, tap Y (Xbox One) or Triangle (PS4) to switch between types of lures to catch different fish.

For the hardest fish types, you also need an upgraded rod. The Wonderboy Rod is the best early one to get and can be found by completing Skylar's quest at Dylan’s Master Bait Shop in the Whitetail Mountains. See the video below for a complete walkthrough on the quest to obtain the Wonderboy Rod.

Fishing locations

You can fish anywhere in any body of water, but the rarer kinds of fish, such as bass, that complete perk challenges and offer more cash at shops are only found at specific locations. While driving around, be sure to look at the signs on the side of the road, as many of them mark fishing and hunting locations on your map. Also be sure to look for loose maps lying on shelves and countertops inside buildings, as these can also add new markers.

In the meantime, you can use the following list to find the various fish within the game.

  • Rainbow Trout - Whitetail Park Visitor Center, PIN-K0 Radar Station, Jacob’s Region
  • Paddlefish - Linero Building Supplies, Baron Lumber Mill, Jacob’s Region
  • Arctic Grayling - Howard Cabin, Gardenview, Jacob’s Region
  • Golden Trout - Silver Lake Trailer Park, Gardenview, Jacob’s Region
  • Rock Bass - Breakthrough Camp, F.A.N.G. Center, Jacob’s Region
  • Smallmouth - Nelson Residence, Lorna’s Truck Stop, Faith’s Region
  • Largemouth - Loresca Residence, Baron Lumber Mill, Jacob’s Region
  • Bull Trout - Fall’s End, Kellett Cattle Co., John’s Region
  • Chinook - Dansky Cabin, Elk Jaw Lodge, Jacob’s Region
  • Pallid Sturgeon - Taft Lookout Tower, Drubman’s Marina, Faith’s Region

Many thanks to the many contributors to this Far Cry 5 Fishing Guide. Special thanks to Ty Arthur and HarryNinetyFour.

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