Farmville 2: Land Expansion Cheat

This will allow you to expand your land, for free.

This cheat does use a game hack. However the game hack itself is clean, and you will need to follow directions on how to use it. The game hack program is called Cheat Engine. You can download it from We recommend using Firefox with no extra tabs open to use this game hack.


Cheat Instructions:

  1. Play FarmVille 2 
  2. Open Cheat Engine, then select a process, choose the 2nd Flash
  3. Change the Value Type to String
  4. Type coins in the text area and scan
  5. Select all the address and drag it down
  6. Press CTRL+A and press Enter and change the value to farm bucks
  7. Go to FarmVille 2 and expand your land

One Response to Farmville 2: Land Expansion Cheat

  1. michaelmundorff says:

    does notwork, crashes every time i try 6?26?2018

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