FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide PDF Download

FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide

This FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide PDF was updated for patch 2.4 on March 15th, 2015. It's the latest rendition of this FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide. You won't find a newer guide then this one, in terms of having the latest content for Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn. Read below to learn about all the features of this FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide.

Sad Fact... there are only two complete guides for FFXIV:ARR. The one mentioned in this article, and Strifeable. Strifeable however hasn't been updated in almost a year. If you want the latest content covered, then it's a must that you download the FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide PDF below.

FFXIV ARR Strategy Guide Contents

  • FFXIV ARR Strategy GuideA step-by-step guide on how to get any class and job from level 1 to 50 within 7 days.
  • Hand-picked selection of the most rewarding quests - including in-depth walkthroughs.
  • Tactical advice on the best skill rotations, class combinations and skill affinities that improve your character's performance by up to 50%.
  • Level crafting and gathering jobs at twice the speed.
  • Breeze through dungeons by learning boss attack patterns and fast clearing strategies.
  • Take down the most terrifying creatures - Primals such as Shiva and Titan.
  • Get expert coaching to join epic raids and earn spectacular rewards.
  • Find out how to make an unprecedented amount of Gil within a single evening.

You can purchase the guide here. Cost is only $34.99 for the guide.

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