FFXIV: Leatherworking Leveling Guide

FFXIV-ARR-Leatherworking-GuideLeatherworkers are found in many games but only in Final Fantasy XIV is it an entire class. Through this craft players can put together various armor pieces using furs, hides, or pelts obtained from different creatures in the world of Eorzea. This class can make armor for a wide variety of roles including Archers, Lancers, Pugilists. 

On top of armor Leatherworking can also produce a few different other items. These include:

  • Hand to Hand Weapons
  • Shields
  • Rings
  • Necklaces

There are several materials these crafters can work with including leather, raptor, boar, and other animal-based mats.

In order to become a Leatherworker players will need to visit Atelier Fen-Yll which is the Leathworker’s Guild found in New Gridania. Once there you’ll want to speak with Randall, the guild receptionist to get started. As with any other craft you must be level 10 in your base class before taking on the crafting role.

FFXIV-GuideTip: Keep up with your crafting gear as you make your way through the various levels of Leatherworking. It’s important. Upgrade your armor & tools every so often so you get better and better bonuses toward your crafting.

The best items to get will give your character boosts to the Craftmanship and Control stats. These attributes heavily affect the amount of progress you make with each successful attempt of synthesis and also contribute to the durability and overall quality of any items you might make.

Leveling Up

Repeatable leves are the fastest way to level in Final Fantasy XIV for Leatherworkers out there. If you happen to be new to this whole repeatable levequest thing, be sure to take a look at our FFXIV guide to get started. It's not difficult, but there are a few things you will be better knowing going into the world of leve-grinding.

The item amounts listed here are the initial order number. You must make and turn in three times the listed amount, and ensure each given item is of high quality to get the most experience possible. Though turning in high quality items is not required, you will get much more XP for your leve allowances doing so.

The listed experience amounts are the bare minimum. Multiple high quality turn-ins will result in much more XP.

Level 20

Gridania - Fire and Hide (5073 XP)
   Requires: 5 Aldgoat Leather
   Aldgoat Leather components:
                 1 Earth Shard
                 1 Aldgoat Skin
                 1 Alumen

Quarrymill - Packing a Punch (5259 XP)
   Requires: 3 Hard Leather Cesti
                 2 Earth Shard
                 1 Wind Shard
                 1 Aldgoat Leather
                 1 Beast Sinew
                 1 Bronze Ingot

Level 25

Gridania - Belts Served Cold (8231 XP)
   Requires: 3 Voyager's Belt
   Voyager's Belt components:
                 2 Earth Shard
                 1 Wind Shard
                 1 Aldgoat Leather
                 1 Beast Sinew
                 1 Iron Ingot

Quarrymill - Quicker than Sand (7648 XP)
   Requires: 3 Padded Leather Duckbills
   Padded Leather Duckbills components:
                 2 Earth Shard
                 1 Wind Shard
                 1 Leather Duckbills
                 1 Leather
                 1 Undyed Cotton Cloth

Level 30

Gridania - Best Served Toad (11862 XP)
   Requires: 5 Toad Leather
   Toad Leather components:
                 2 Earth Shard
                 1 Gigantoad Skin
                 1 Alumen

Costa del Sol - Subordinate Clause (11862 XP)
   Requires: 3 Goatskin Choker
   Goatskin Choker components:
                 2 Earth Shard
                 2 Wind Shard
                 1 Aldgoat Leather
                 1 Diremite Sinew


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Level 35

Gridania - Supply Side Logic (19130 XP)
   Requires: 5 Boar Leather
   Boar Leather components: 
                 4 Earth Shard
                 1 Boar Hide
                 1 Alumen

Coerthas (Observatorium) - First They Came for the Heretics (19600 XP)
   Requires: 3 Boarskin Choker
   Boarskin Choker components:
                 4 Earth Shard
                 3 Wind Shard
                 1 Boar Leather
                 1 Hippogryph Sinew

Level 40

Gridania - The Tao of Rabbits (25260 XP)
   Requires: 3 Boarskin Harness
   Boarskin Harness components:
                 4 Earth Shard
                 4 Wind Shard
                 1 Boar Leather
                 1 Aldgoat Leather
                 2 Steel Ingot

Coerthas - It's Not a Job, It's a Calling (25917 XP)
   Requires: 5 Peiste Leather
   Peiste Leather components:
                 4 Earth Shard
                 1 Pieste Skin
                 1 Black Alumen

Level 45

Gridania - Handle with Care (39087 XP)
   Requires: 3 Peisteskin Cesti
   Peisteskin Cesti components:
                 5 Earth Shard
                 5 Wind Shard
                 1 Pieste Leather
                 1 Raptor Sinew
                 1 Steel Ingot

Mor Dhona - Spelling Me Softly (33921 XP)
   Requires: 5 Raptor Leather
   Raptor Leather components:
                 5 Earth Shard
                 1 Raptor Skin
                 1 Black Alumen

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