FFXIV: Misc Tips for Earning Gil


Hopefully you have read our other articles already on earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. If not, you can click on one of the following links to take you there; Levequests, Dungeons and Guildhests, TradeskillsFates, Strategy – Playing the market, or the 1-50 Leveling & Gil Guide.

The next few tips, are just some general stuff to go along with those previous Gil making  tips, which can be followed wherever you are, while playing..


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  • Don't buy gil! More than likely it's a scam. You will more than likely get hacked or lose out on some cash. Plus it encourages the spammers to spam more.
    If you really need to buy Gil, then use these guys. They don't advertise in the game. However with all the tips we've given you, I don't see why you should need to.
  • FFXIV-GuideRepair using your trade skills. In the end it's much cheaper to repair your own items, so if you have the skills, repair your own items rather than having an NPC repair them for you.
  • Wear items to turn them into materia. Even if you don't consider the item an upgrade, if you can wear it to turn it into materia that sells on the market, then do it.
  • Run all the quests. A lot of the quests offer item rewards, or Allagan pieces that can be sold for gil. Do all of the main storyline quests as well.
  • Join a free company. Having others to work with will help you get gil, items, and progress further. So join a free company.

Do you have any tips on how to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV Online? Share them below!

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