FFXIV: Square Enix to add Gear Score requirements


I remember when they added this feature to WoW. Suddenly those players who were really good at particular dungeons, who had practiced long and hard and knew what to do in every fight in situation, couldn't go. At first people would invite you to group, look at your gear, and then say, no, sorry, you suck, then kick you from the group. It became a grind game. It came to the point where you needed to have played every single dungeon hundreds of time, to grind out the best possible gear possible, just so you could get a chance to goto the next dungeon. And then, when Joe Blow sucked but had better gear, Joe was still chosen over the guy who knew what to do.

ilvl and Gear Score changed the way WoW was played. And now, it's about to happen to FFXIV as well. I suppose it's inevitable, as everyone will eventually do this, but it makes games less about social play and more about a mathematical numbers game.

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On the official FFXIV forums, Community Rep Devin “Camate” Casadey weighed in on a thread that was more focused on the maintenance today but added a few details about future additions, including content that will be restricted by gear score.

Official Post:


The development team is aware that there are times when you cannot participate in content so easily and without worry, and I’d like to let you know future countermeasures we have planned to address this.

  1. Significantly reduce repair fees and the cost of dark matter While the focus will be placed on high-levels, we will be significantly lowering the overall fees for repair and the cost of dark matter.
  2. Addition of item level requirements for high-level dungeon participation We’ll be adding a requirement to participate in high-level dungeons and hard mode primal battles that will make it so you need to have equipment above a certain item level equipped to participate. To coincide with this, we will be implementing a system that will display the average item level for your gear in the character window.
  3. Addition of a party recruitment window We’ll be implementing a bulletin board type of system where you can recruit party members that are only on your world. When recruiting, you can indicate the dungeon you would like to do, the roles you are looking to recruit, the levels, etc. (We’ll be announcing the details soon.)

I have got to say on a personal note, that the reduction of repair fees, will definitely help people get into the content more easily. This seems well thought out.



What do you think about Gear Score, should it be added or not, and why or why not?

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