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Transfer Gil to AltsFor some inane reason, it's not normally possible to Transfer Gil to Alts. However a work-around was recently found, which will allow you to do just that. It even works to allow you to send your alts items. While this IS an exploit, we have not heard of anyone receiving bans for this. So use it and abuse it!

Transfer Gil to Alts in FFXIV explained...

The concept is really easy to Transfer Gil to Alts in FFXIV. You only need to join a dungeon/duty/whatever on one character. Alt F4 from the game, then quickly log back in to another character and add yourself as a friend. Now you can mail yourself gil and items.

Now, if you understand that this is an exploit, and you would rather not exploit the game, there are another couple options...

To Transfer Gil to Alts, you can purchase another account. This will also allow you to circumvent the system. It will cost some out of pocket money, but all in all this is probably the safest way to go. 

To Transfer Gil to Alts, you could try and find a trusted friend, to transfer items to, and then have the friend mail the items to you again. Of course unless you know the friend in real-life, this is a dangerous way to go.

Or to Transfer Gil to Alts, you could pay a 7% tax, and list items at extremely high prices on the Market Board.

Personally, I like the adding alts as friends methods to Transfer Gil to Alts, as it's more secure and doesn't require that you pay a tax. 


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  1. Douglas Fern says:

    I know this post is 4 years old but this is absolutely retarded. You can’t add someone who is in a duty and you never could. Idiot.

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