WPE Packet Injection Crafting Level to 50 in hours ~ FFXIV

WPE Packet Injection Crafting

In order to use this WPE Packet Injection Crafting game hack for FFXIV:ARR,WPE Packet Injection Crafting you need to download and install WPE Pro. You will also need to follow some simple steps which will allow you to level crafting to 50, in a matter of hours, without the use of materials. This is an old FFXIV exploit, but recently confirmed to still be working, without suspension or ban. 

What is WPE? WPE is a packet editor. It allows you to "capture" a data packet sent from your game which it sends to the server. Once captured, you can then duplicate it. In this case, we will capture the packet which tells the server we crafted an item, the server will then state "ok" and if time, will level up your crafting.

WPE Packet Injection Crafting explained...

WPE Packet Injection Crafting Notes:

  • I suggest going to a secluded area, because your character will stand up after each action and it looks odd. You can easily see it when you start crafting. It just looks "bottish". So go hide somewhere and do it.
  • When you stop sending the packets, you will need to close the game and reopen it because your character will be stuck in place and unable to preform any actions.
  • Once your experience gains slow down too much, craft a higher level item, and rinse/repeat the steps above.

WPE Packet Injection Crafting Conclusion

It took me about 2 days for me to get ALL my crafting classes to 50 using the WPE Packet Injection Crafting method. It's not completely free (though WPE is), but it will allow you to level with minimal costs. 

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