FFXV Cooking Guide, Recipe & Ingredient List

In this FFXV Cooking Guide with downloadable recipe & ingredient list, we're going to share with you how to obtain EVERY recipe in the game as well as where to get each of the ingredients needed to create the recipes - without having to resort to buying them in most cases. Have no doubt that this is the entire list of all the foods it's possible for Ignis to create with his culinary skills. If you haven't already, make sure you also download the FFXV Fishing guide, as you will need your fishing skills to get all of the cooking recipes in the game. Also, be sure to get the FFXV Strategy guide as well, which will provide you with additional information to cooking, fishing, and also leveling.

FFXV Cooking Guide

FFXV Cooking Guide - Downloadable Recipe & Ingredient ListIgnis cooking’s skill is, undoubtedly, the most important personal skill during the journey. Every time Noctis and his party sleep either at a camp or a lodge, Ignis will cook for his friends providing temporary buffs almost for the entire next day. Buffs can be varied from status boost to abnormal status resistant. A player is able to choose meals based on three factors, Ignis cooking’s skill, recipes, and ingredients. The cooking skill is leveled up through cooking. And Ignis is able to cook more difficult recipes once he has a higher skill.

There are several ways to obtain cooking recipes in Final Fantasy XV. As you upgrade Ignis’ cooking skill, more and more meals will unlock by themselves. Just keep cooking, and you’ll amass a sizeable cookbook. Ignis learns a new recipe after he eats that dish in the diner or obtains new cooking ingredients whether from monster drops, fishing, or cooking ingredient deposits. And some recipes can be unlocked through leveling up his cooking skill as well.

You could also find them laying around. While exploring, make sure you interact with every suspicious piece of paper – it may turn out to be a recipe for a delicious meal. Additionally, check with NPCs, and be sure to loot every monster type, at least once. In the gameplay footage, a party was fighting a giant monster, much like the behemoth. It had tusks. The player kept hitting the tusks until they finally fell off. When they picked them up, a new recipe which had the tusks as an ingredient was unlocked.

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