FFXV Fishing Guide – PDF Download

FFXV Fishing GuideIn this FFXV Fishing Guide, we cover everything you need to get started on your way to learning and later mastering fishing in Final Fantasy XV. Noctis' skill in FFXV is fishing. You will be able to use Noctis' fishing skill to learn new recipes, find food to cook with, and then earn additional AP.  This is the definitive beginners guide which includes a starting walkthrough, as well as where to go, to start catching your first fish by locating your first fishing spot, which you will be able to find early on in your FFXV storyline. 

You can do a lot of various activities in Final Fantasy 15, but fishing has to be one of the best for most players. Once you've learned how to fish, you'll probably want to upgrade your FFXV Fishing Gear. We've got you covered in this guide for that as well. The best reel and the best rod and where to get them are also in this FFXV Fishing Guide. 

FFXV Fishing Guide PDF Download

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