FFXV Powerleveling guide – Fastest Method

This FFXV Powerleveling guide should be able to start you on your way to hitting the max level cap, fairly quickly. When it comes to powerleveling, most mmo's are the same. You get some XP pots, you grind and quest, and you level up quickly. The same holds true for Final Fantasy XV, for the most part with a few exceptions. In FFXV, it's Coins, Magic, Experience Boosting Foods, and Rested XP. Some people are making a big deal about the rare coins. There really is NO need to farm if you're at endgame already.

This FFXV Powerleveling guide is meant to go over some more basics, which you may or may not need, but should remove you from the rumor mill on what you do and do not need to level fast. Afterall, 1 million XP per kill is the FASTEST way to level up.

FFXV Powerleveling guide

So here's a basic run down on what you can do, in terms of using this FFXV Powerleveling guide to its maximum. Read it, learn it, ask questions, or answer them for your fellow players.

  1. At Altissia, buy the meal that gives you double experience for 8000 gil.
  2. Create as many Expericasts as you can using debased and rare coins, etc.
  3. North of Hammerhead is a Bandesnatch in the crater near the campsite. He gives good EXP. You can actually use any monster though.
  4. Spend 30,000 gil for the 3X multiplier hotel in Altissia.

Detailed FFXV Powerleveling guide

So, make your magic. 1 of your choice of spell (Fire Ice etc) and your choice of catalyst (any of the Coins: debased, rare, banknotes or certain items also such as Old Book or that feather from a cockatrice). I was able to make a bunch of weak EXP spells, with the strongest coming from the 9 rare coins I had which I split into two spells.

Don't waste your time saving/loading trying to farm coins unless you're desperate...there are much better ways anyway! Just use the coins you found so far. You can always repeat later.

So you need 38,000 gil. SELL YOUR STUFF. Trust me, all those accessories and bullshit items you think you're gonna use...you won't. Keep one or two of an item if you think you may need it. If you don't want to sell, go to the Totomostro Arena (in Alitissia). Spend 1000 gil to buy 100 medals, and gamble till you have 150K medals. Trade the medals at the medal shop (in the Arena) to get the cheapest item there. You can sell this time for 750 gil. You need about 60 of them.

At Altissia there is a restaurant just outside of the hotel where you can buy (for 8000 Gil) a 100% experience doubling meal. Eat it. Now go back to Hammerhead.

Note: At levels 40-45, fighting the bandersnatch that's in the crater North of Hammerhead you won't get off all of your spells before your Bros kill it themselves. Make sure to give them weak weapons.

Go to the bandersnatch and if you can don't attack till it turns night (only if at level 40 or above!!) This is because we want demons to spawn while we're getting off all our casts. At level 42/43 I was simultaneously fighting Bandersnatch and 3 Iron Giants along with some bombs and never once had to heal any of my characters. I was even able to start the fight early and then was able to get Bandersnatch to spawn a 2nd time without ever leaving the crater. Lots of Exp with my low level expericasts!

Last step: go back to Altissia and spend 30K at the hotel for a 3X multiplier. Avoid Camping for that 1x multiplier. 

FFXV Powerleveling guide FAQ:

Q: Do I have to fight Bandersnatch?
A: No. But the crater is convenient and nobody will crash the fight unless it's NIGHT TIME. You can do this at a low level and wreck him with magic if you get into trouble. You get the exp when you finish the fight, monster level doesn't matter.

Q: Do I need to farm/have 24 rare coins to get 1,000,000?
A: No, you do NOT. I had 9 rare coins, another 9 debased coins, a few banknotes, 2 old books, and 1 of some item that also gave me expericast. I just made a bunch of weak expericasts and still got 1 Million exp.

Q: I have NO coins, I sold them / used them / etc. What can I do?
A: Go eat the 8K meal, or if you're not at that point, do the Wiz Chocobo quests till you get the Triple Decker and get the 50% bonus from it, then do hunts and don't sleep. Any 2.0 rest area is good (not campsites/tents). 

Q: I think I still need to look for coins / I wanna jump to level 99 etc
A: Quit being silly. One quick run and you can jump 20 levels minimum, which should net you enough AP points to get your HP and attacks up so you can take on endgame monsters and hunts, which net you lots of exp. A certain monster you can choose to fight gives you 8K exp and trust me you don't have to go looking for him. That's just one fight. Do one or 2 endgame dungeons along with the food/inn combo and you'll have no trouble hitting level 99.

Q: No really, where can I farm rare coins?
A: Fine. *sigh* You can farm rare coins from the random treasure locations. These are the ones around Old Lestalum which you can save before opening and reload until you get one.

Q: Is there a map of Altissia I can refer to?
A: The best map we have found - it's speculative though... is the following map (click to enlarge)

Speculative FFXV Map - Basic FFXV Powerleveling guide


FFXV Powerleveling guide Final Words

When it comes down to it, the fastest way to level, besides the one mentioned above, is to get a multiplier, and then do side quests, without resting till the chapter is done. If you're about to die, run away, as you will lose the saved XP. At the end of the chapter, it will save your XP and apply it, this is where you will level.

[content-egg module=Amazon template=grid]Hopefully this FFXV Powerleveling guide has saved you hours of searching in various places on how to level, but if you need more information like better builds and a more detailed guide, be sure to check out this downloadable FFXV Strategy guide.

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