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Final Fantasy XV Strategy GuideFFXV was released a few days ago, and here is the first Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide on the market. We will of course bring our members here more as they are released, but if you are on either the PS4 or XBoxOne then you are going to want this guide to help you navigate the ins and outs of this new take on this incredible series of games. This Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide is available on PDF so it can be viewed on any reader.

If you haven't yet bought FFXV, you can get it here for PS4 or XBox One.

Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide Features :

  • Complete walkthrough from beginning to end
  • Dedicated section on all 200+ side quests
  • Breeze through leveling
  • FFXV common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Know your enemy and know yourself
  • Know which attack is the best in each situation
  • Pros and cons of various builds
  • Find the best available weapons and armor in all chapters
  • Dominate boss fights
  • Get the platinum trophy by acquiring all trophies in the game
  • Reference lists on NPCs, food, spells, etc.
  • Effective Gil making strategies

Are you afraid of missing out on hidden quests and items before heading to a new area? Do you want to know the best place to level without having to grind for hours on end? Is getting all ultimate weapons, armor, and accessories your goal? Or are you a perfectionist who’s planning to complete the game 100%? No matter how you want to play Final Fantasy XV, all answers await you in KG's FFXV guide. Complete walkthroughs (without spoiling the story), side quests, leveling strategies, combat tips and tricks, reference lists, Gil making guides, and more can be found in this detailed manual.

Now Also Available: Complete FFXV Fishing Guide PDF Download
Everything you need to get started on your way to learning and later mastering fishing in Final Fantasy XV including where to get better gear!

Download Final Fantasy XV Strategy Guide

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