Fake Fortnite Scams – Warning

There are some Fake Fortnite Scams which you should be aware of. It looks like there are plenty of these scams going around, and they are published on Facebook, Youtube, even Android and iOS have been hit by them. They range from fake V-Bucks generators, fake game hacks, and even fake mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

Fake Fortnite Scams

Fake Fortnite ScamsThese Fake Fortnite Scams work by offering you something which cannot be given, and luring unsuspecting marks by presenting seemingly real looking sites, domains, apps, and videos. Surely if you use the same colors and font, then it must be real, yes? The best part is the comment section, where people exclaim that yes, they received the V-Bucks, and that they were given them with relative ease. Here's an example of one of the Fake Fortnite Scams for XBox, where they offer fake V-Bucks.

Another one of the Fake Fortnite Scams, is to offer an mobile apps for download like this one for iOS. and one for Android. Riot games back in August announced that there were no plans to release a mobile version of the game. However, that isn't to say it can't be played on mobile, just that Riot Games isn't publishing one. How can it be played on mobile you ask? With a screen sharing program or remote game player. However these aren't native apps and might suffer with frames per second (FPS).

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney, commented on the concern back in August about fake apps...

Gamers have proven able to adopt safe software practices, and gaming has thrived on the open PC platform through many sources including Steam, Battle.net, Riot Games, Good old Games, and EpicGames.com,” Sweeney said. “We’re confident Android will be similarly successful."

The final type of these Fake Fortnite Scams is a downloadable cheat. I am not saying that they are all fake, just that a cheat should never be in an executable file type. If you find an exploit, you can surely share it to our cheat submission form. Game hacks may also exist, however most of them will be private, which means very few people will have access to them, and will be quite expensive. Though I have seen a few bots for the game, but they only seem to stand and do very little. The basic function is to collect small bits of rep fromt he team winning/losing the game.

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Just remember that these Fake Fortnite Scams do exist and that ZeroFOX has identified over 4,770 live “Fortnite” scam domains which aim to collect personal information. 

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