Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial

Pretty straight forward, this Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial teaches how to make a script for either a gaming mouse or non-gaming mouse. It does not however have the macro itself, you will need to do that yourself. I do not expect you to have much difficulties if you have even a basic understanding or creating them.

Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial

This Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial will work on the M4 or with the Burst Assault Rifle, and either a gaming mouse with its own macro software or an external program like AutoIt or AutoHotKey. But if you use either of those, do make sure to compile the script to help ensure that they remain undetectable.

Gaming Mouse Software

  1. Open the mouse's software
  2. Go into option for the 1MouseButton and setup a macro, set the macro as a CTRL and a G.
  3. Go Into Fortnite and set the fire button to g

Non-Gaming Mouse

  1. Download and install a macro software
  2. Set a macro to the click button as CTRL and G
  3. Go into Fortnite and set the fire button to g

You do not have to use the G key to fire, you can use whichever key you want, but you will need to change it in the macro, and in the keyboard settings within Fortnite.

Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script Tutorial

Have fun, do not show off, nor share that you know about this Fortnite M4 Anti-Recoil Script. Thanks to user: 666Mental for the info.

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