Fortnite Pixel Aimbot – AHK Script

Fortnite Pixel AimbotIf you're going to use this Fortnite Pixel Aimbot, make sure you can run the game in max resolution. If you can't, or if you lag a lot, then this probably isn't going to help. It works best with semi-auto weapons. Full auto is going to miss more, as shooting in full auto will mess with the aim.

What this Fortnite Pixel Aimbot does, is detects the enemy via pixels, and then moves the mouse pointer to the character you're fighting, and allows you to shoot. The shooting is up to you, not the computer nor the Aimbot.

Fortnite Pixel Aimbot

To better ensure that you are not banned using this Fortnite Pixel Aimbot, we recommend converting this script to an EXE and then masking the EXE by changing the size and possibly the name of it, on a daily basis. Since it does not interact with the game directly, then it shouldn't be automatically detected as long as the size and name is different than what others call it.

Final note before I give you the Fortnite Pixel Aimbot script. I tested this on Solo. I did not test with a team, and while it should work in any, you might need to disable it working when working with others.

Fortnite Pixel Aimbot Script

If you do not already own it, download AutoHotKey. Copy the below script to notepad and save as <anyname>.ahk then use the convert ahk to exe tool. We also highly recommend you use the following tool, to further mask the exe:

Change the hash of an exe with Rehash utility. Change the file size of an exe with Executable Size Increaser. Rename the hack's exe to <insert name here>.exe. Change the Title Bar with TitleBar Name Changer.

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All credit to CelikShadow for this Sharpshooter Fortnite Pixel Aimbot


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