Player Kick Griefing Macro – Fortnite Save the World

Player Kick Griefing MacroThis Player Kick Griefing Macro is only for Fortnite Save the World, which is the cooperative play portion of Fortnite. It will allow you to kick another player from your group and is an AHK macro. You will need to download AutoHotKey (free) to make this work. It will not work in Fortnite Battle Royale. Optionally, you can converr it to exe to help mask it from the game. 

Player Kick Griefing Macro can be used for griefing or for scamming - initiate trade then kick other person, when they drop the item for trade.

Player Kick Griefing Macro

You're going to need to be able to get the coordinates of your screen to kick the person. You can use this macro for that:

  1. CoordMode, Mouse, Screen

  2. SetTimer, Check, 20

  3. return

  5. Check:

  6. MouseGetPos, xx, yy

  7. Tooltip %xx%`, %yy%

  8. return

  10. Esc::ExitApp

Player Kick Griefing Macro Script

Once you have the coordinates, plug them into this Player Kick Griefing Macro:

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