Earn Money AFK

Earn Money AFKI have featured some ways in the past on how to make money, either through surveys or other means, but today I came across a rather unique way to Earn Money AFK. This way is very simple, and only requires that you take a few simple steps, after which you will be able to Earn Money AFK. It's so easy, that I run my computer at night and just collect once a month, which allows me to pay for all my gaming needs. I made $47.60 on my FIRST day, with this Earn Money AFK moneymaking system!

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Earn Money AFK

In order to Earn Money AFK as stated, there are a few simple steps. The first, you will need to create an account and get a unique referral code. Everyone who clicks on this code enables you to make $2 on. There are no pop-ups, pop-unders, no viruses, no trojans, and definitely no porn - so it's SFW! Click Here to create your own account. Once you complete the registration process, you will get a unique url to spread. Take the url to the next step...

The second step to Earn Money AFK is to signup and download the Software for HitLeap Traffic Exchange. When you signup, you are going to create an account, then login (after verifying your email). Make sure to use a real Email address, as you will need to use it to both login and check on your money making progress. After you create your HitLeap account, you will need to add a website. This is where you will add the link from the previous step (you can also add upto 2 other websites - like mmoexploiters.com).

Once you add your website to HitLeap, head on over to the second task to earn 100 minutes. This step will ask you to download and install a software. The software is in the form of an external browser which prevents you from using adblock on it. Go ahead and install, then run the software. When you open it, it will take you to the HitLeap website. Login again, then goto Traffic Exchange. Press the "Start" button. As soon as you do this, you will start earning clicks. You don't need to actually get 100 minutes to start receiving clicks, but since you will be earning money from the first referral code (see step 1), there is no reason not to do this. 

The final step to Earn Money AFK is to simply let the HitLeap software run while you are at work or sleeping. As a bonus, you can also spread your referral code from Step 1 to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All of these will simply make you more money, which in turn will pay for your gaming needs like more chips in MyVegas, Gold in World of Warcraft (and other MMOs), or even Airline Tickets with SouthWest Airlines.


Tip: Run the Hitleap AutoSurf in a sandbox, to ensure you keep your computer safe from unwanted software.


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