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Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster ProToday, we present to you Driver Booster Pro v1.5 as a free download - This is not pirated, and it's for today only! Simply click the link at the bottom of the page, and then follow the instructions in order to download this free copy. As any hardcore gamer knows, you need the latest drivers to get the best performance out of any game you want to play. Usually, this means you need to periodically check for the latest drivers often in terms you're looking for the newest video drivers, but also you might be looking for software updates, or even hardware controller updates. Look no further then here, as you get Driver Booster Pro free today.

Driver Booster Pro

They are so sure you will like it, Driver Booster Pro, is offering for a limited time, a 6 month license to their software. It will keep you up to date with all the updates you need, simply with one click.

Driver Booster Pro - Pros:

  • Installs gracefully
  • Once installed, periodically checks for updates
  • Installs updates automatically (you still have to let each one pass through your anti-malware/firewall.
  • Free 6-Month license
  • Name Brand Software - ioBit (official site)
  • You must download and install this TODAY (2 Sept 2014)

Driver Booster Pro - Cons: 

  • Doesn't use smart technology to see whether your system can handle the updates or not.
  • No free technical support
  • Limited length license
  • No free updates to newer versions

Driver Booster Pro - Requirements:

  1. Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1
  2. 300 MHz processor or faster
  3. 256 MB RAM
  4. 50 MB free hard disk space

Download Driver Booster Pro

This offer had been extended for 2 more days!
Use serial code: DD3C0-BBD23-C9310-D30B9 to register.

Driver Booster Pro
Driver Booster Pro - Alternatives

Personally, I use SlimDrivers, instead of Driver Booster Pro or Free versions. I had some problems in the past witih a video driver installation which left my system slightly buggy. Because of this I searched for an alternative and found SlimDrivers. SlimDrivers is not one-click, it's kind of messy, but it works. It runs in my system tray, and checks for updates once a week. I have to manually update my drivers, and manually re-scan, but it's a viable alternative.

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