Gamer Play Timer – Free! – Offer Expired

Gamer Play Timer

If you're a gamer then you need Gamer Play Timer. Gamer Play TimerIf you are the type of gamer which gets lost in games, and loses track of time, then you REALLY need this Gamer Play Timer. It's free until midnight.

It's not really called Gamer Play Timer, but it might as well be. Its a piece of software which benefits addictive gamers or work-aholics the most. I can't tell you the amount of times I have sat down for a few minutes, and then looked at the clock to see that only a few hours have passed in 15 minutes... err... it seemed like 15 minutes anyways.

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This Gamer Play Timer will allow you to set up 5 different alarms such as "TAKE DINNER OUT OF OVEN", "WALK DOG", "TAKE SHOWER BEFORE WORK", "WAKE KIDS FOR SCHOOL", and my personal nemesis, "TURN THE FRACKING GAME OFF, BEFORE GIRLFRIEND REALIZES YOU FORGOT ABOUT HER AGAIN". With Gamer Play Timer, you won't forget about anything soon... of course if they added an option to boot you out of the game for 60 minutes, then I can imagine it being better/worse.

Download Gamer Play Timer

Download then follow the install directions. This offer is free till 11:59pm October 28th! You must install prior to that time - don't wait.

Gamer Play Timer

If you happen to be a person who works from home, or a software developer/programmer, then you will also find a usage for this Gamer Play Timer software tool as well. I know I have  sometimes sat down to work on a website, and then wondered why it's dark in the room, only to find several hours have passed. Of course if you bill for your hours, then this will make a heck of a difference in ensuring that you only work on the projects at hand, and don't stray to far into a side game, lol. I personally have strayed into Facebook or World of Tanks for a few quick sessions. An alarm of some sort or even a Gamer Play Timer would have helped immensely over the years.

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