AoC: The end of Age of Conan?

It seems that both GameStop and Barnes & Nobel are selling 60 day time cards for $12.99.  This is usually an indication that these types of stores want to stop selling this product, so they will dump their stock near their cost.  But I have to wonder, is AoC doing so poorly in sales, does this mean that B&N and GS are just the first of many companies to do this?

I remember back in the day not being able to find Asheron's Call on the shelves of any story, and knew it would be the death of the game - little did I realize that the game would still be alive today, albeit with only 1k-2k players.  Of course, 1k-2k players * $15 a month, is a good reason to keep a few servers online that only cost you a few hundred a month.

Edit! Barnes and Nobel and GameStop have stopped Selling Age of Conan subscription cards.  You can still get them at Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures 60-Day Time Card though.

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