California Proposition 19 – Legalization of Marijuana

Proposition 19 - Legalization of Marijuana

Vote Yes on Proposition 19!

I scanned in the mail ballot, along with my selection.  I haven't touched marijuana since 1996. I don't crave the substance, but I am pro legalization.

For me, it means seeing a state get out of its financial hardship. For others maybe they think of their personal enjoyment. I know that cigarette companies have bought up land, in the hopes that this will pass. Philip Morris purchased several tens of thousands of acres in Northern California to create a plantation of marijuana, so the companies are coming in hard, and I suspect will be throwing their weight and money into this vote - good for the economy.

While prisoners will still stay housed in the prison population, for breaking the law, there will be much less prisoners entering the penal system each year. This will also save California millions of dollars on housing these prisoners. There will also be a savings on law enforcement costs, and monies tied to the judicial system, with less cases to prosecute.

Likely if it is legalized, then both companies and tourists, possibly more residents will come back to California. Heck, I have family members who vowed to move back.

I urge anyone who is 18 or older, to register to vote, and then vote YES on Proposition 19 on the November 2nd, 2010 General Election in California.


2 Responses to California Proposition 19 – Legalization of Marijuana

  1. Remocrat says:

    I actually strongly agree with this. The legalization of marijuana has been long talked about, however I see it as a very positive thing. (Besides that it is a drug… but tobacco and alcohol are also drugs.. Not that I like them either)

    This would also greatly free up our jail system, as many of those there are in for drug possession or dealing. One of the largest being marijuana.

  2. monkey97 says:

    Yeah, if I lived in Cali I’d vote that way too. I’ve never touched the stuff nor do I have any desire to do so, but if people want to smoke it up why should anyone stop them.

    Lower prison populations…
    Tax revenue to save Cali…
    Boon to the junk food industry…

    Illinois could use the revenue too…we’re in just about as sorry a state as Cali.

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