Essential drinking tips for Halloween

Just wanted to share a few essential drinking tips tonight with you all for Halloween tonight. Since drinking and treating is on everyone's minds tonight, lets go over some essential drinking tips for tonight. Each of essential drinking tips in the image below may help you, or may help someone else (please share the image or post with others).

Essential drinking tips for Halloween

 One last essential drinking tips for y'all... If you drink overly too much, it's better to regurgitate the alcohol then to let it sit in your stomach.  You will feel like shit, but it's better to throw it up, because when it sits in your stomach, it will continue to leech into your bloodstream - this can be very bad and cause alcohol poisoning. If you feel dizzy afterwards or cold, it means you have the alcohol poisoning. Sleep with a light on, it will help with the dizzyness, and drink clear Gatorade so you don't get dehydrated.

Essential drinking tips

Halloween Drinking Game!

Everytime Elsa, form the movie Frozen comes to your door, you get a shot of your favorite drink... Reply in the comments below with how many shots you got to drink tonight!

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