Flimsy Racial Halloween Masks

The one mask you can get in game, that I am surprised that Blizzard hasn't capitalized on, has been the flimsy masks, for different races.  Last year I had thought of making one and passing myself off as a WoW character. But it would be so easy for them, to pull an AoL/EQ trick of yesteryear , which would be to market their game on cereal boxes, complete with a game CD/DVD inside.  They could put these special cereal boxes up, right in time for Halloween, with the flimsy racial masks on them.  Simply cut them out, poke a few holes in them, and you have yourself a WoW mask.  Of course, any game could take this idea and do the same.  As I said, I am surprised that none have as of yet done this - tho maybe someone will read this (as happens with many of my ideas), and come out with something like this.

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