Halloween Costumes

A few years back, I made this horrid realization, that I was good at scaring people on Halloween.  One year, I looked like I had just been in an accident.  I went to a club, I went to a strip club... and no one would dance with me 🙁 A few years later, I went as a cyborg, half metal face, half human... that went over well, lol.  Another year, I went as a zombie.  I had the worms coming out of my face (they swung back and fro), I had covered my face with a light pallid green that had small lumps all over.  I had these special spiked teeth. To complete it,  I also stretched a bit of spider web on me, did my neck and hands then wore a simple white shirt with black pants.  This time I went out with my girlfriend to her friend's house, she wouldn't sit near me. I scared/disgusted her too much.  I have learned a few tricks over the years, and suffice it to say, they have allowed me to create a more horrid image.  It's a complete package, including my gait.

Tip: When making your own latex mask, you can use different textures like granola to give yourself a decaying look.  Also, adding a bit of latex paint to the base latex, will allow you to change the colors.

Today I would like to hear about the costumes that you have, and possibly some pictures if you have them. And I am not talking about in-game costumes, tho there are some neat ones for the different mmo's I have played over the years.

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