Interesting -> Why warhammer failed, look ahead at SW:TOR

Interesting read

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  1. Spitt says:

    I read it, was funny, was interesting. But it’s just another disgruntled employee, who expected this company which created a multi-million dollar game, to never lay off employees. 1) You don’t need a huge production company if you aren’t producing a new game – thus layoffs happen. 2) we’re in a recession, layoffs happen.
    Whining about it, isn’t going to change anything. Yes, most companies don’t know how to market their game. EverQuest was the first one to think outside the box, and became a monolith, to which every other game was measured. World of Warcraft took it to the next level, and now they are the monolith (I think they followed the path of AoL to some aspect).
    Most games these days aren’t released finished. World of Warcraft wasn’t. Warhammer obviously wasn’t, Age of Conan wasn’t, Aion wasn’t…. etc etc etc. However, some games are released more finished then others.

    Thanks for the read btw Tom, kept me interested for a while, and kept referring back to it over the course of the day.

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