Lotro Lookout 10-19-2010

Things of interest in the Lotro Forums:

The REALify's Haunted Burrow Map:

Note: If you print the PDF on 8.5" x 11" paper it should come out to scale (or very near to it).
Note: Also, if the map looks fuzzy - zoom in. There's plenty of resolution in these images (excepting the first one).

The Haunted Burrow MD.PNG (1600x1236) {for viewing}
The Haunted Burrow LG.PNG (6600x5100) {for printing}
The Haunted Burrow.PDF (4000 DPI) {for anything}

Image of The Skeleton Painted Horse


Ale Association mount



Lotro item data base


From the Dev Tracker Forums:

Could someone tell me the upcoming changes in the next patch?

Funny you should ask! There are a lot of great changes coming for the LM in the next update. Graalx2 and I were just discussing the dev diary this morning in fact. You're going to have to wait a little bit to read it, but we both think LM's are going to be really happy with the changes (and new skills!).

So now you know two things due in the next patch. Vault updates (you should see the Developer Diary for that on Thursday) and Lore-master changes (Dev Diary probably a couple weeks from now). I'll even throw you a bone and let you know Rune-keepers will get some attention this update as well

Expansion news....soon? or not so soon-ish?

The next update will not include the Radiance and LI changes. Both of those are slated for a later update. So we have a "next" update, a "later" update and then some "later than that" updates and a plan to get to Isengard.

So you're likely to hear us discussing the "next' update soon, and later updates, um, later.

Next Instance Cluster - Early Next Year and back in Eriador

if they take Uru, CD, and the Rift and make them Skiminstances and call it a new raid cluster...

We're not ready to talk about the new cluster yet, but I do want to clarify this because I feel like there's been some misinterpretation of what Kate has said. The new cluster is *new* -- it doesn't involve Urugarth, Carn Dum, or the Rift at all.


If the instances are outside of the Epic storyline, then fair enough.

Then I bring you good news: they are not part of the Epic storyline.


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  1. TomRiddle says:

    Fall Festival Info and Guides

    The Dev diary of the 2010 Fall Festival

    Casual Stroll To Mordor’s Guide to the festival

    Topics Include:

    * The complete guide to the Haunted Burrow – including a map
    * How to find the rare Skeleton Mount
    * The Games-Master events
    * Troves and Trickery Quests
    * Photos of the purchasable Fall Mounts
    * Complete listing of rewards available for barter

    Casual Stroll To Mordor’s General Festival Guide

    to help you with the every festival events like the dance quests, horse races and the Ale Association and Inn League reputation quests.

    Farmers – don’t forget to pick up your reward from the Travelling Farmer if you started the quest during the Summer Festival!

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