MMO REMINDER – Change your password(s) today

If you haven't changed your password in a couple months, it's a good idea to do it now. Account hackers love people who never change their password. It makes it so that they can steal your account out from under you... months later. It makes it so that you won't even know what triggered the attack, nor when. This is especially true for Aion, Rift, and World of Warcraft players. These games, are high value targets, which can make account scammers quite a bit of money. So... Change your password today, and don't worry about those pesky annoyances.

Here's a quick suggestion for hard to break passwords, which can't be gained from dictionary attacks. Use number or character substitutions, when it comes to passwords. So instead of putting in "sparkle" make it "Sp4rk1E". Its the same basic password, but by adding a couple caps, and a couple numbers we have just made your password much stronger.

To add to the strength, add symbols and increase the length of the password to at least 10 characters.

You can check your password here - with our Password Strength Checker.

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