New Site + Win 20,000 gold!

I just launched a new site, and because I want more people to know about it, I am giving away 20,000 gold to help celebrate.  The site is called AnonProfiles, and it allows you to make your own anonymous wow profile.  It's not like any other anonymous profile site, it actually lists your items in your packs and bank, your mounts and critters (pets), the amount of gold on your character, all your recipes, your glyphs, and all the other base stuff that the official armory has.  Best of all, once your profile is added to our site, it's there even if teh official armory removes your character.  We support US/Oceanic, EU, KR, TW servers.

If you want to see a sample, check out this link for my own Rogue. I haven't played him in a while, but he's got 450 Cooking, with all the Northrend recipes. He also has 450 Inscription with all known recipes as well.  He has a Mountain Dew Warbot critter, with 60 Red War Fuels, to fill it up.  At the top, you can get the permalink, the anonymous link, or force a reload.  The reload will allow you to scrape new info from the official armory.

So how do you win the 20k? Check out the news, at the site. Full details are available there.

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