New Writer

I am King_Yoshi, and will be serving as one of the new writers for this site.
I have worked with Spitt for many years now, and have a working knowledge of the “exploit” process, as well as a large number of sources for new and upcoming exploits.
I have also served as a Moderator at the following forums: UberBattlenet, mmoexploiters, and Uberwowguides.

What am I writing About?

I will mostly focus on Blizzard Made Games (Warcraft Series, Diablo Series, Starcraft Series) but will also randomly add articles for other games I come across.


2 Responses to New Writer

  1. Spitt says:

    Trumpets sound, *Doo-tadoo.* In walks a regal figure, his crown glinting with gold and saphires, his cape a deep purple swaying side to side, his golden armor sounding as he walks *clink-clink-clink*. Amidst his kneeling people, he whispers “I am King_Yoshi, master of this realm, are there any who would defy me”? The sound carries upon the wind to the edges of the crowd. Slowly, one figure stands up… He jumps in the air… and another jump while still in the air!!! He lands right beside King_Yoshi, sticks out his long sinuous tongue, grabs King_Yoshi, and swallows. A moment later, an egg pops out of this strange being’s arse, it is white with green spots. The crowd trembles with fear, what could this strange creature want? It bellows “YOSHI”!!! and the egg cracks. Is it a bomb? The crowd quickly meanders away, their once king, gone. All that stands is something that looks like an alien Humpty Dumpty… and the egg cracks again… it explodes into a thousand pieces. As the dust settles, we see no one left nearby, all the people, hiding in their corners, and behind pillars. King_Yoshi stands again, grabs this strange being by the shoulders and… hugs him?!? “Yoshi, how ya been? I haven’t seen you in ages. How’s your wife and whelps?” The being called Yoshi has only one thing to say, “YOSHI”. “Ah,” says King_Yoshi, “I am glad to hear you are all well. To what do I owe this visit?” Again the creature speaks, “YOSHI”. King_Yoshi responds in a way that no one else seems to understand, he lets out a deep growling chuckle.

    And from that day forward, King_Yoshi ruled the land, with his enforcer at his side. No one dared speak against the king, for if they did, they would surely be turned into an alien egg. To this day though, whenever the wind whispers of trumpets, you can still hear in the distance the great bellowing creature say “YOSHI”!

    Welcome King_Yoshi, glad you decided to join us 🙂

  2. King_Yoshi says:

    This is officially the BEST post I have ever read pertaining to my name!
    After reading it, I decided to save it as part of my Top 10 “ROFLS”!

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