Request for help – Please take your time to Vote!

Hi everybody,

One of my LotRO buddies' wife runs an animal shelter, East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue. There is a contest at where they might win a prize to help with the vet and feed costs if people vote on their video.

You do have to register, but there is not even a verification email to click on a link. So you can use a fake email if you like, or a real one, if you want to help support things like this.

If you could help out, and click to vote each day for East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue, that would be great and help a lot.

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    East Tennessee Bloodhound Rescue was involved in rescuing an American Hairless Terrier named Jazz, featured in this story

    video of Jazz when we first got him. It is called “Helping Jazz”. This little guy is healthy and rather hefty now and doing great.

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