Staying in Alpha/Beta Phase

Getting into beta these days for games, is actually relatively easy.  However, staying there, can be difficult.  The one thing to understand about getting into beta, is that it's considered a job.  It's not about you just having fun, but telling the developers what's wrong with the game, if you had any problems, how did you resolve your problems, and just helping out in the alpha/beta community.

In order to stay in alpha, it's usually easiest to start with reporting bugs, as often as you can.  If you can resolve them, GREAT!  Tell the dev's what you did to resolve it.  If you found a bug, find out exactly how you did it - by repeating over-and-over, until you can write it down, to tell the dev's how to repeat the problem.  Make sure to give your system specs as well, as the bug could be related to your hardware.

Another way to stay in alpha/beta, is read the forums, and answer other people's posts.  It may seem strange but the more knowledgeable you become and the more helpful towards others, the more the dev's are likely to keep you in the testing phases.

If you find an easily repeatable dupe bug in alpha/beta - make sure you report it!  I know, you're thinking if you just keep this info, that when the game comes out, you can use it to make a lot of gold/credits, right? Nope, if it's easily repeatable, then others have also reported it.

So what can you do with this new found knowledge? If you get your "hands" on a hard to repeat dupe bug, you might be able to save this knowledge all through alpha/beta, till the game goes gold (release), you can also find quicker leveling spots, tricks to level in a few days to the max level... make a guide for leveling, 1-(max level), and sell it when the game is released... get into their next phase or another beta invite.  You can even get invited to work for their company.  Has anyone else done this? YES! I know people who have done all of that!

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  1. King_Yoshi says:

    I would definitely want to get more information on how people got into a company reporting problems?

    Would you mind citing some examples?

  2. Spitt says:

    Well, it’s not just the people who report problems, it’s also the devs of addons and other programs. I know of at least 3 people, who got started with game companies like that. One of them was with Turbine Entertainment, happened to be a guild member of mine. Two for Blizzard, were addon developers.

    A lot of companies are looking for people who will give them in-depth bug reporting, and will often hire people that do it. These days, they might try to skirt the bugs, by relying on volunteer’s to do the job for them, but we all know thats not 100% that the bugs will be found and reported. Look at how bad Age of Conan was on release! It’s a matter of being persistent and then pitching your “help” to the developers -or- waiting for them to notice you and your work.

    One of the things I have found I now have a knack at is finding bugs, even in websites. So what I have done is to pitch myself to some of these sites (where I found bugs), and offer to help debug/spell check their sites. It’s a little side work, but I have some companies who have called me back to help them more. In this approach, it’s me contacting the companies directly, but I don’t tell them of any major bugs, other then to say I found medium/major bugs, and then give them a sample of some small ones, or spell check examples.

    I won’t mention which site I recently found a major bug in. But another gold site, which offers leveling as well, has a bad one. It seems that you can actually get leveling for free, or at a discounted rate due to their bug. I wasn’t able to get gold at a discount, and have no need for the leveling, but it’s this type of thing along with spelling I will often pitch services for. If they turn me down, then our monthly subscribers will get a chance at some free leveling 😉

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