What do you want to see more of?

In order to get a better idea of what you are interested in, we are asking just that - what interests you?

We know that most of you are Starcraft 2 players, there are also a lot of Evony , EVE, and LOTRO players. We also know which posts are most read, but it doesn't tell us, what you are interested in seeing in the future. So tell us. Leave a reply to this post, of what you are most interested in seeing, and we'll see if we can bring it to this site. If you want more stuff for EQ, more for WoW, more for any other game, now's the time to tell us.  If you prefer guides over cheats, or maybe game hacks, let us know that as well! We can only post what we think you want otherwise.

So answer this:

  1. Which game do you want more of? (WoW, EVE, EQ, etc.)
  2. What kind of content, do you want to see? (Guides, Cheats, Game Hacks,  etc. or even offtopic guides - For Example, more info on keeping your computer safe)
  3. Questions or Comments:

Please remember, if you see someone already answered what you want to see, you should still reply with the same. This way we know that more then one person is looking for that kind of content.

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