When gaming goes awry

I read a bit from some of the different news sites, to keep up with the latest information on which games are coming out for the MMO genre. So when I found a post written up on Game Informer talking about the Shenanigans of players and how they mess with other players or even with the devs of a game, I had to share it...

All too often we here at Game Informer write about the best bosses or the worst vacation spots in video games, but we rarely talk about the players who participate in these games. Compiled here for your reading pleasure and entertainment are stories about eight of the most interesting players to participate in online multiplayer games.

read more about the following;

  • Angwe The Ganker God Of World Of Warcraft
  • Knifing Objectification
  • Defenders Of The Shard
  • The Biggest Digital Heist Of All Time


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