World of Tanks: Pet Peeves

I have some pet peeves. One of them is these guys who complain after losing a battle, stating that the team stinks. Or that "you should be doing this"... after they have died or anything else along those lines. I know this must seem like I am just QQing, but these people who always complain, are almost always the ones who do not get any kills. I average 1-2 kills, every game. I have a few low spots, of no kills, and a few high spots of 4-5 kills. But telling a team member they stink, when they are the ones who do not make kills is just inane.

World of Tanks Hand Leveling

For the record, while you are sitting dead with no kills, watching the battle - don't tell me the best strategy. I didn't make tier 7 tank, listening to a noob tell me what I should be doing. I know, you have an excuse, you see me playing one of my lower tier tanks sometimes, and presume me to be a noob... but check my kill #s, before you give me advice. I know others who feel the same way. Following your advice, could cost us the battle (you did die following your advice, after all), so take it easy with your advice. If you want to help, help with technical info - which any self respecting tank operator, should already know anyways... like the armor is most thick on your front not the sides... so face the enemy. Better yet, face the rear end of the enemy.

In a recent battle, someone whined when I left the artillery undefended. On the other hand, I flanked the enemy, got behind them, and wiped out 3 tanks - causing us to win the battle. If you are worried about our artillery being undefended, why don't you ever defend them instead of whining about no one defending them?

In another battle, I was the only one defending the artillery again... and wasn't able to hold off 3 tanks gunning for them... I did get 2 of them, but the 3rd got me, and wiped out our artillery. If you want to help... help defend the artillery. All it takes, is 1-2 tanks, usually a TD and a Medium to defend them (provided they are all relatively close to each other).

So remember...

  1. Don't whine and say the team is useless, if you have no kills.
  2. If you want to give helpful strategies, don't.
  3. The best way to help, is remind noobs about armor levels on their tanks.
  4. Do warn where the enemy tanks are.

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