Writers, Programmers, Exploiters -WANTED-

In a bid to offer something that no one else has, I am extending an offer to you.  If you can write programs, figure out new exploits, write guides, make macros, or anything else which is MMO related, we are allowing users to pay for access to posts, and YOU get paid.

Here's how it works... You write content, and hide it for other users to pay for access, using special tags I'll give you.  Someone comes to the site, and decides they want access to the site or post.  They pay for access... after 30 days, you get paid.  You will be paid 33% of the rate.  So if you have 25 people purchase a post, and we set the amount for $2.99, you will make $25 for just one post.

Use the contact form below, if you are interested in becoming a writer here.

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