Diablo 3: Language Hack – Fix for Errors 81, 82, 83, 84

What this does is changes your language of your client to any other language, including English from Russian. Now if you're wondering what's so special about Russian -> English, it's because some people have purchased Russian CDKeys for $40, but they are language locked to Russian.

This will allow you to play the game in enUS (American English), enGB (British English), esMX (Spanish-Mexican), ptBR (Portuguese), koKR (Korean), zhTW (Traditional Chinese), zhCN(Simplified Chinese), jpJP (Japanese), deDE (German), esES (Spanish-Spain), frFR (French), itIT (Italian), plPL (Polish), or ruRU (Russian).

This is actually something of a game hack, and like all game hacks, it can get you banned, so use this at your own risk. It will inject a DLL into the D3 memory location, and place a hook. While Blizzard isn't looking for it now, they might change their mind at a later time. So today, it's safe. Tomorrow? Who knows.


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One Response to Diablo 3: Language Hack – Fix for Errors 81, 82, 83, 84

  1. John says:

    Hi, I was messing around in Diablo 3 folders, and I noticed its pretty clear how files are named and disposed around all the folders. All files are clearly identified as EN and PT-BR versions. I have both portuguese and english versions downloaded (yeah, I’ve been playing EN before they patched it, with my brazilian native copy).

    I was wondering, if I just swap the files names from EN to PT (and then backup the actual PT files elsewhere), wouldn’t it work just fine ? And, if it works, wouldn’t it be safer then this DLL method ? Or do their patches check for the actual content on the files, not just the names ?

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