Guild Wars 2: Direct X Radar HUD – Show Hostiles & Players

Wouldn't it be cool, if you could tell exactly where an enemy player was hiding? Well now you can. In fact it's not just limited to players, you can also see NPCs and Mobs. This Radar HUD (Heads Up Display) will show you the Players, NPCs, Friends, Hostiles, Neutrals, and even show you the professions of your enemies. You can see their level, health, name, and distance from you.

You can hide it, show it, or move it around easily, and it will remember the window positions.


Radar Entities Legend

  • White: You
  • Big: Player
  • Small: Non-Player
  • Green: Friendly
  • Red: Hostile
  • Yellow: Neutral
  • Orange: Unattackable
Profession Colors

  • Light Orange: Warrior
  • Dark Orange: Engineer
  • Purple: Thief
  • Red: Elementalist
  • Light Green: Ranger
  • Dark Green: Necromancer
  • Blue: Guardian
  • Pink: Mesmer

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