Guild Wars 2: gZoom Elite Game Hack

gZoom is a game hack for Guild Wars 2, which will allow you to zoom your camera or change your field of view. It will also enable a speed hack, gravity hack, Wall Climb Hack, Teleport/Warp tool, NoClip, Gravity, and Fly hacks. It will even allow you to use a set of coordinates from a list.


gZoom Elite 1.9.37 Current Features

  • Address auto detection, should work on any region/version ever after patches.
  • Zoom Hack - Larger Default Zoom, Minimum Zoom gives a First person mode.
  • Speed Hack
  • Gravity Hack
  • Field of View changer
  • Shift to Sprint - Holding left shift key will run at the slider speed
  • NoClip - Full and Object
  • Wall Climb
  • Space to Fly - Hold Space to go up, let go to go down, Simple.
  • Click to teleport (Middle click to move to mouse location)
  • Teleporter - Save/Load Location Lists

gZoom Elite Hotkeys:
NumPad1 - Toggle Zoom On/Off
NumPad2 - Toggle Shift to Sprint
NumPad3 - Disable Speed Hack
NumPad4 - Earth Gravity
NumPad5 - High Jump/Low Gravity
NumPad6 - Moon Gravity
NumPad7 - Increase Field of View
NumPad8 - Decrease Field of View
NumPad9 - Reset Field of View
NumPad0 - Toggle NoClip Mode
NumPad+ - Increase Speed
NumPad- - Decrease speed
Left Shift - Sprint (Enable in Menu)

NumPad* - Enable/Disable Hotkeys
Insert - Fix For Windows Classic
Delete - Teleport Testing(Beta)

WARNING: While it's possible to get lists from other sites for coordinates, we have to highly recommend you do NOT use them. Some of them could be watched, allowing Arena.Net to not only find you, but to track and then ban you. Use this game hack at your own risk.

Download gZoom Elite;

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