Lag7 GameHack

The Lag7 GameHack is a tool for Windows which will allow you create artificial lag in games. Since this is not a game hack which interacts directly with any game, there should not be any problems with suspensions or bans.

Use the Lag7 GameHack to extend your buff timers

Use the Lag7 GameHack to extend your buff timers

Lag7 can be used to bypass locked doors, avoid restrictions to being mounted, or even be used to avoid attacks from monsters or others in pvp, extend buff durations for a few seconds, etc. It will be up to you, to explore how to use this Lag7 Tool to the best way possible.

Lag 7 Setup Instructions

  1. Download Lag7
  2. Run Lag7
  3. Set your hotkey
  4. Set a yield (I suggest under 8 sec, any higher and you'll likely disconnect).

Note: You should have at least 5 seconds between uses.

WARNING: With all game hacks and tools, remember to virus check and use with caution. Do not show off, do not brag. Bans and suspensions do happen.

Download Lag7:

Non-VIP Member Download | Guide: Bypass surveys with fake info

VIP Member Download (password)


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