WoW: Tîntai – Tool to work with WMOs in World of Warcraft

Tîntai is a smal core, lib or  tool-set to edit and manipulate WMO files used in World of Warcraft. Tîntai is a merge of two earlier WoW related projects and is more or less just some code that trys to handle chunked Data in a most adaptable way. This seems necessary. Not only but also because Blizz formats life in a continuous process of development. Tîntai is a hobby. That means we all just try our best to get things working.



Legend: 1% < test < working < complete

  • Extract WMO Files: working
  • Extract alpha WMO Files: working
  • Inject to WMO Files: 80%


  • wmo2obj - extracts the 3D model data to an waveform obj file
  • wmoinj - injects a waveform obj to an existing wmo file
  • wmogen - creates new wmo files from scratch
  • wmoanalyse - gives a summary bout the wmo file
  • wmodep - prints out all dependencys


If you aren't sure what this is, or don't want to work with alpha software, then don't phuck with this.

Download Tîntai

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