Dofus: Lag Generator

This program slows the connection to Dofus servers each time you activate lag. While lags active, your computer and Internet speed will stay as is, but everyone will get the "waiting for player..." message, each time they try to hit you. In each turn they will hit only with 1 spell or sometimes their turn will pass suddenly because of lag. (all these same things that happen when someone lag...). Many spells will not work for them because "you lag".

How to use:
1. First unrar the LagDefense.rar file with Winrar and you will get 2 files.
2. Click on "Launch This First.exe" file and then launch Dofus client.
3. After Dofus loaded and you see the login screen, activate the "AfterLaunch.exe" file.
4. Login, select character, enter a fight (I suggest to enter a fight with players, so you can see better how it works).
5. To activate or to stop lags, you press alt + 1.

As with all Game Hacks, Use Them at Your Own Risk!

DOWNLOAD: Dofus Lag Defense

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    very cool usefull information, thank you

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