Sep 072010

Often, when you want to use a game hacking software, the hack itself will be a DLL which needs to be injected into memory. Sometimes the game hack, will have an included injector, but often it won’t. As such, we are linking you to a DLL injector which allows you to bind it to any process, to a DLL.


Tool: RemoteDLL

RemoteDLL is the tool which makes it easy to inject the DLL or free the DLL from remote process. This tool is based on popular DLL Injection technique which has already been used in many top programs such as pwdump. Many spyware programs uses this technique to hide their presence. Many of these comes as DLL and injects themselves to legitimate windows process and operates from that process so that normal user will not suspect its presence. Using RemoteDLL you can easily remove such DLL from the process and then delete it from the system completely.

Remote DLL injector


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