Rift: How to Disable the Anti-Cheat Software

Rift has pretty much, no anti hacking material in the game - at the time of this writing. However they do have a little bit to stop players from doing things, so here is the best way to disable that in Rift.

Note: This is for PC's only. Will not work on a Mac.

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To attach your favorite debugger or run a game hack, click "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" to open the Task Manager or use ProcessExplorer, when Rift.exe is opened and logged in. Go to the process called "RiftErrorHandler.exe", and end the program. Then attach your debugger or game hack.

You will need to click the Play Button as most debuggers place a int breakpoint on current instructions.

After you do this you will see that your game is running and so is your Debugger or Game Hack!

3 Responses to Rift: How to Disable the Anti-Cheat Software

  1. mannymann says:

    The RiftErrorHandler is just that, an error handler, that is why you can’t attach a debugger to the process because it is already being debugged šŸ™‚

  2. Spitt says:

    Thats partly true, however RiftErrorHandler, will also report what you are running. You have to disable it, otherwise when you use a game hack, or a debugger on it, you get the chance of being detected then suspended and banned.

    Currently, this is the only anti-cheat software on the game. I am sure this will change however in the future, as bots and more game-hacks are released.

  3. Doctor says:

    I run Rift and while I don’t bot, I also don’t care for spyware. I use WINE in Linux and found a “no named” process running it says it is a “Trion.Rift.Debugger”. If it is a debugger, why hide it? Killing the process doesn’t effect the game in the least and freed up 10 MB of memory.

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