Rift: Warp Hack and Speed Hack Download

Here is an awesome Rift: Planes of Telara teleporter plus Speed Hack. Please make sure to disable Trion's anti-cheat software before using this gamehack...

BAN WARNING! Use of this game hack, without disabling the Anti-Cheat software, can get you banned! Use at your own risk!

This only has speeds and 3 waypoints.

0+1 = Set WP 1
0+2 = Set WP 2
0+3 = Set WP 3
0+4 = Lock Speed

1 = Warp to WP 1
2 = Warp to WP 2
3 = Warp to WP 3
4 = Display Speed
5 = + 10% speed
6 = - 10% speed

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DOWNLOAD Rift Speed & Warp Hack

4 Responses to Rift: Warp Hack and Speed Hack Download

  1. mannymann says:

    As I posted on the **** forums…where is the source code? It is Winject + plugin 🙁

  2. King_Yoshi says:

    I believe that this was suppose to be for the BETA and not for the OFFICIAL version.

    Also, this specific hack has some problems when used on non 64x operating systems.

    Also if you want the source code I have no problem getting it for you.

  3. blazer says:

    hmmm, i got it to inject fine, but everytime I press 0 and another number on the number pad the game crashes. Any idea what might be causing it. I can press 1 on the number pad but of course it says that there is no waypoint.

  4. Zilon says:

    I like a link to the source code 🙂

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