Starcraft 2: Beta Launcher – Play against good AI

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22 Comment on "Starcraft 2: Beta Launcher – Play against good AI"

  • Great tool, well done figuring out how to make teams. I havn’t actually tried it just yet, but can you in your next version change it so you can put the map folder where ever you want? Cuz there is a bug when trying to watch your own replays so that I HAVE to play maps from the cache folder. And I’m not sure how to add my own AI’s ??
    Also the gui is freaking ugly but it’s the only one I can find with the option to make teams 😛

  • This program was not meant to show replays. Just to play against Variouse AI’s.
    I heard there is another program that lets you more eaily play Replays.

  • A good tool for starting games HOWEVER.
    It seems like it wants to use the Liberty.Scmod MULTI. so that means I start with two or three bases,
    Sooo. If there is a way to fix it I’d be grateful!

  • The first time i tried this the AI wasn’t doing anything but mining, the second time around the AI was rather decent…On a downside, i am experiencing similar problems to Kratos, i start with double bases and everything i produce turns out in duplicate (same for the AI, if the size of their armies is anything to go by). A cure for this would be greatly appreciated

  • Please, is there any alternative link or something, mega upload is blocked in my country. Hence I can’t download. Could someone pls lemme know if theres an alternative way to get this.

  • What the [bleep] is up with this page? Trying to navigate away results in JavaScript alert asking me to comment. My comment: [bleep] YOU. Don’t try to capture visitors’ browsers.

  • A grateful friend

    MAD RESPECT! great download and ez instructions, i can FINALLY play on a team! I’ve had all kinds of maps so now i’m set. Thank you king yoshi!

  • A grateful friend

    oops this map works great but i can’t (uncheck Free For All). I really want to play some 4v4 maps. Can anyone help?

  • 4v4 maps don’t exist yet for the Beta. They should be released in the full version.

    -However I heard some rumors that people are in the process of making hacked 4v4 maps. Keep an eye out they might be out there. However, I have not found any yet.

  • hey King Yoshi.. i have some problems..
    i downloaded the files.. do i download the starcraft 2 beta seperatly?? if so, where do i go?? ..sorry. this is my first time.

  • Yes, the Starcraft 2 game is much larger then the launcher. If you don’t have the game files, then check a torrent for them.

  • Hey got the same prob as @Houk, e.g I start off with 2 Nexuses and double the probes if i use protoss

  • This is a glitch caused by the launcher only some times i think or maybe file, but it doubles everything so yeah. wasbnt helpful but yeah.

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