Daily Deal: Genius 2.1 360 3-Piece Speaker System w/Booming Bass

Any good gaming system, needs a good speaker system to bring some realism to the game. If you’re an audiophile or into home cinema, then you should check out this 5.1 system instead, but if you are someone who has used a 2.1 system before, or if you are used to side-by-side speakers, then this is the sound system for you. What is a 2.1 speaker system you ask? well 2 stands for the amount of satellite speakers, and the 1 stands for the sub-woofer. The sub-woofer is what brings you the bass to the speakers, and the midrange and higher sounds are done by the satellites. When you’re gaming, most of the time, this is all you need, because your hearing will adjust for sounds to the left or right. Very few games, support 5.1 (5 satellites, 1 sub-woofer) – but again for those who use their computer for home cinema, a 5.1 system is better.


General Features:

  • Black and Copper Color 
  • 3-piece speaker system for DVD or PC
  • 10-watt RMS total audio output
  • 5-watt subwoofer for deeper and richer bass
  • Two (2) Satellite speakers
  • Volume and Bass adjustment
  • Booming Bass & Bass Enhance
  • Lead-free components (RoHS compliant)

Price: Normally $27.99, now on sale for $24.99

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